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 Update - April 10th 2019



Madam Speaker, may this entry serve as enduring recognition of the legacy lived and left by Ermias Joseph Asghedom, known to his community and the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and beyond, as Nipsey Hussle.  Nipsey Hussle was born in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles in 1985. His father was the only member of his own family in Eritrea to move to the United States, where he met Nipsey Hussle’s mother. As a teen, Nipsey attended Alexander Hamilton High School, as did I, as did many in South Los Angeles. He went on to pursue a music career that would touch millions, culminating in national recognition for his studio album “Victory Lap”.

An innovator, entrepreneur and community investor, Nipsey Hussle used the  platform he created with his music to further demonstrate not only his business savvy, but his love and pride for where he came from in addition to showing the importance of community ownership and reinvestment. In the same way he went from selling mixtapes on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson to owning the masters of his GRAMMY-nominated album, Nipsey Hussle went from trademarking his clothing line, to owning the stores selling his trademarked clothing line, to owning the shopping plaza where the store selling his clothing line was located. Marathon Clothing is a technologically ground-breaking store that could have been opened anywhere. Nipsey Hussle opened it on Slauson and Crenshaw. South Los Angeles was where he invested; opening a barbershop and two restaurants in that same intersection, reopening the World on Wheels skating rink in Mid-City, and  partnering with Vector 90, one of the first work spaces and incubators in South L.A. designed to support black and brown entrepreneurship locally. He also worked with the Los Angeles City Council on Destination Crenshaw, a project to  be built for, by, and in honor of our community in celebration of the historical and contemporary contributions of Black L.A. and the Crenshaw community. Throughout his projects, Nipsey Hussle brought the neighborhood with him. In working to ensure that the community was knowledgeable about their economic  power, Nipsey Hussle made sure to give jobs to residents in the neighborhood who were struggling, some of which were homeless and formerly incarcerated. He once  provided a pair of shoes to every student at 59th Street Elementary School and also
donated to renovate the school’s playground and basketball courts. He inspired
many others in the entertainment industry to actively invest in South Los Angeles neighborhoods as well. A humble visionary, Nipsey Hussle initiated peace in a community where experiences of systematic injustices appear in the form of police brutality and gang violence. He saw the overlooked and welcomed the dismissed. He was an activist working to reduce gun violence in the community, hosting demonstrations and symposiums over the years. He was slated to meet with the Los Angeles Police Department about reducing gun violence in the community the day after he was murdered. He taught and reminded our community that the power we hold is the power we come from and that awareness of our power is something no one can take from us.  Nipsey Hussle will be remembered as a visionary, as a protector, as an inspiration, as a philanthropist, as a father, as a brother and as an unabashed son of South Los Angeles. For all he was given, he gave back. And for that legacy, South Los Angeles has been changed forever.


Democratic Rep. Karen Bass



Update - April 4th 2019

Rest in power Emiras Yoseph Asghedom,  

Something is not right. Eric Ronald Holder Jr the (ALLEGED) murderer of Nipsey Hussle A.K.A brother Ermias Joseph Ashgedom his name meaning YAH Will Rise and YAH Will Increase the peace activist Nipsey Hussle. We are told that Eric Ronald Holder Jr is his (ALLEGED) murdered and he has plead "NOT GUILTY" we now have learned that he is being defended by attorney Chris Darden, yes Chris Darden the same man that prosecuted OJ Simpson back in 1995, yes OJ Simpson now is this a joke on US, is the Woke community and the Conscious community Slippin?

We learned that Chris Darden was hired by a PRIVATE party, a PRIVATE party? Really. I thought he was in Las Vegas? Who was MeekMills talking to? Why did “ShttyCuz” have the same picture as the one placed on Social Media? I thought he already had a lawyer? These are just questions. Why did you not charge the women that was driving the car? Since when did the news start protecting black people from exposure? You mean to tell me this women did not hear all of those gun shots? Is this the same women that bragged about this on Social media? Can we see her picture to compare? You mean to tell us you let her go uncharged? Really.

How funny the name of the former Attorney General is also named Eric Holder just like Eric Ronald Holder Jr the (ALLEGED) murderer of Nipsey Hussle the man that had the potential to brig us together in Economic Unity while bringing peace to the African American Gangs, the potential for them to make Uniting US a common goal this is called VISION and SOME THING DOES'NT SMELL RIGHT! Can you smell the sorcerers Sulfur? Chris Darden was hated by the black community for prosecuting O.J Simpson and now you have this same man defending Nipsey's (ALLEGED) murderer ??? We are told the man Mr Holder was found outside a mental hospital. Lets get this straight, he already has a lawyer(with out go fund me), this man knows where the mental hospital is in the City of Bellflower? Really. Now I know they poisoned the water and weakened your brain, but are we really this naive? (I wonder why Info wars is silent on this one??? I thought they would be all over the Eric Holder Coincidence.)

Now we are told May 10 he will start his trial which just might be OJ Simpson 2.0 2019 the parasites need another distraction because the R.Kelly and the Michael Jackson distractions are fallen apart they need all the news programs to tune in. Are you going to be tuned in long enough for them to divide your communities? Keep in mind Unity is POWER, Unity is STRENGTH in numbers, We have UNITY now We have POWER NOW! This demonic trick has the potential to disrupt or Unity that is if we do not see the Psyops. There is nothing new under the sun.This is so dam obvious if you are woke, if you are concision. Now keep in mind there are people in the community right now whom are undermining US please try to talk to them, speak with LOVE and respect they might not know what they are doing. Keep in mind the A.D.O.S movement has disrupted the democratic party they are not happy. Do not hate the A.D.O.S movement you never know how the grassroots will grow. You Do Not Know What You Do Not Know. However this recent event smells like the Beast and looks like the Beast this is the 2019 timeFrame, the 400 year Hebrew freedom year and it is not suppose to be ease, we read that our ancestors the Hebrews that were in Ancient Egypt during the oppression of the Hyksos did not LET YAH'S PEOPLE GO NOT UNTIL the Passover. Hebrews Wake Up this is not a drill. How could they have a Black Identity Extremist if we are working towards Peace?

My spirit tells me to ask you to please pray for the Two Pillars Red and Blue I have been listening to your broadcasts for years they are good brothers and they lost a good friend. I feel in my Spirit that the Beast is giving them pressure (We Know How They Operate Divide and Conquer) I ASK YAHUSHUAH THAT YOU PROTECT THEM keep your Spirit on their families and watch over them YAHUWAH they are good brothers YAH. Now Family please do you research please visit and please listen to the broadcasts and please share this article. I would advice that you write your own observations and post them on ALL of your networks. If we ask the questions I highlighted LOUD enough they will have to answer US, copy this message and paste it in a file, than do your own research and post it. This Is You Freedom the time is now Signs and Wonders are here Right On Time, Much Love Dawid Yacob Maccabeus please pray for me and my family. A lie runs a race while the truth wins THE MARATHON. Peace.  


Message from the Messenger:


AHYAH my YAH, thank you for another beautiful day from the smallest tree to the sea it's all good AHYAH I ask that you protect and guide your people. I ask that you open our minds so that we comprehend how wicked this system is and If the enemy of our enemy is our friend than we are our only friend. That demonic thief has destroyed your people from the smallest tree to the sea. Unify us AHYAH and teach us how to become economically sound until we are perfectly in tune. AHYAH I ask that you give us deeper and perfect insight on how to reverse this mind control that they have placed on us. Remind us how to support each other, remove the snake so that we can love again start from Father's to Son's and Mother's to Daughter's as we rebuild our community. AHAYH my YAH, bring back Black wealth that spiritual gold that build the dreams we heard of, bring us back to that status AHYAH my YAH when we were the apple of your eye when You made us shine so that the whole world took notice until we lost our way, lost our people and lost our wealth bring it back AHYAH. Bring back black wall-street help us create and support black owned banks and do business with our own community from the tree to the sea Unify the content of Africa help us reconnect with the diaspora from the Caribbean to the South of Satan and than AHYAH bring us back to Yahushua and our Elders, back to the days of rest after weeks of joy and honest conversation. Help us be the people you created us to be that perfect frequency that puts the world in tune thank you AHYAH my YAH.

The wealth went from the West and now rises in the East. The ruling parasites The controllers of China, The House of Saudi Arabia and The Zionist are still using their power plays. The Snake and it's seed have transferred their wealth into the East (EU, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, African re-colonized nations etc...)now they can destroy the West (America, Australia, Canada aka The United Kingdom and white Angola-Saxon nations.) which was present Babylon (1944 - 2016). However another BEAST is rising from the East a.k.a little horn. This is why the HEBREWS the CHRISTIANS and the Muslims need to WAKE UP! Our battle has begun.    





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