1619 - 2019 Countdown towards freedom!

Veitnam 1.0, Iraq 2.0, Libya 3.0, Syria 4.0, VENEZUELA 5.0, ??? 6.0, ??? 7.0, ??? 8.0, ??? 9.0...when will it end?



The wealth went from the West and now rises in the East. The ruling parasites The controllers of China, The House of Saudi Arabia and The Zionist are still using their power plays. The Snake and it's seed have transferred their wealth into the East (EU, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, African re-colonized nations etc...)now they can destroy the West (America, Australia, Canada aka The United Kingdom and white Angola-Saxon nations.) which was present Babylon (1944 - 2016). However another BEAST is rising from the East a.k.a little horn. This is why the HEBREWS the CHRISTIANS and the Muslims need to WAKE UP! Our battle has begun.    



Message from the Messenger:

AHYAH my YAH, thank you for another beautiful day from the smallest tree to the sea it's all good AHYAH I ask that you protect and guide your people. I ask that you open our minds so that we comprehend how wicked this system is and If the enemy of our enemy is our friend than we are our only friend. That demonic thief has destroyed your people from the smallest tree to the sea. Unify us AHYAH and teach us how to become economically sound until we are perfectly in tune. AHYAH I ask that you give us deeper and perfect insight on how to reverse this mind control that they have placed on us. Remind us how to support each other, remove the snake so that we can love again start from Father's to Son's and Mother's to Daughter's as we rebuild our community. AHAYH my YAH, bring back Black wealth that spiritual gold that build the dreams we heard of, bring us back to that status AHYAH my YAH when we were the apple of your eye when You made us shine so that the whole world took notice until we lost our way, lost our people and lost our wealth bring it back AHYAH. Bring back black wall-street help us create and support black owned banks and do business with our own community from the tree to the sea Unify the content of Africa help us reconnect with the diaspora from the Caribbean to the South of Satan and than AHYAH bring us back to Yahushua and our Elders, back to the days of rest after weeks of joy and honest conversation. Help us be the people you created us to be that perfect frequency that puts the world in tune thank you AHYAH my YAH.

Update - February 16th 2019

To Warmongering President Trump,  
Stop creating War, Stop attacking Yemen, Stop attacking Haiti, Stop attacking Venezuela, Stop manipulating Brazil and Your support of Zionism is nauseating my support is slipping daily. If we wanted Hilary Clinton she would be in office. Just like Alex Jones jumping on the race war band wagon AGAIN...At some point this system of white supremacy will have no place to hide. Here is my PRAYER...AHYAH Break the power of Zionisim and wicked nazi supremacy over the planet  destroy it now and bring in peace.   

Update - January 30th 2019

As you know the true New Year starts March 20th on the Spring Equinox of 2019 this will be the first day of the Year therefore 2018 is still in effect. It seems that Donald Trump is surrounding himself with Neo cons, War lords and Zionist I tried to give this man a chance but now I see that he is captured like the rest. AHYAH will break your power hidden State. AHYAH will take away your wealth and you will be no more. You are stealing oil and resources from Venezuela installing another future pawn Juan Gualdo, installing the war hawk convicted criminal Elliot Abrams as special envoy, as Mike Pompeo and John Bolton light fires in Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Russia, instigate discord in Venezuela I have seen enough. It looks like Donald Trump is no longer in control of the WhiteHouse. AHYAH I ASK THAT YOU BRING DOWN BABYLON TAKE AWAY HER POWER AND FULFILL WHAT IS WRITTEN. For those that are still listening start preparing. Babylon is falling.

Update - December 15th 2018

President Trump, I see what you are trying to do, however if you start a War with and continue to commit genocide in Yemen you will loss my prayers of support. I see that you have many neo-cons surrounding your administration please be wise in your use of power or you will loss my prayers of support. In 2016 you defeated a very evil politician because of this I hoped you would bring her to justice...we are still waiting. Time is of the essence.

December 15th 2018 - South Africa divides the land, France is on fire, Brexit is exposing the EU. Tic Tok Tic Tok - March 20th 2019


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